excessive and mind-bogging.  Not only are there credible therapeutic options, data from the Nigeria CDC itself document that 185,159 out of 196,487 people (as of 8th Sept 2021) have recovered from the disease, without recourse to vaccination.  These (and certainly hundreds of thousands more cases undocumented) have therefore acquired natural immunity.  Impeccable results from several parts of the world are now confirming what has always been known in conventional epidemiology, that natural immunity can be a lot more robust and effective than any vaccine-induced immunity.  In any case, it is well established that the vaccines now on the verge of being mandated in Nigeria do not provide sterilizing immunity, which is meant that they neither prevent transmission nor infection of the virus responsible for COVID-19.

It is therefore of utmost importance that Nigerians across all ethnic, political, and religious divides arise to oppose these illegal, reckless, and extremely dangerous moves being test-run in Edo and Ondo States, with the Federal Government waiting in the wings. It is public knowledge that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with deep involvement in vaccine manufacturing and marketing, is a primary funder of our NAFDAC. It is therefore not surprising that the Piper should seek to dictate the tune with respect to Nigeria’s response to COVID-19, even if such is not in the best interest of the nation. It is also abundantly evident that the current unprecedented push for mandatory vaccinations in Nigeria, through coercive executive orders, is merely an effort to achieve what the globalists failed to achieve in their previous efforts through the legislature. We call on Nigerians from all sectors to stoutly resist these dastardly moves, even as we resisted and checkmated the previous one at the legislature.

God bless Nigeria.




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Lagos, 9th September 2021


Note: This is an updated version of the Press Statement released by our Alliance in Lagos on Monday 30th August, 2021.  To access the hyperlinks providing full references to the cited statements and figures, together with the list of 77 participating members of the National Covid-19 Response Alliance, please download an e-copy of this Statement from our website: https://covidvaccineunmasked.com. The hyperlinks are underlined in this document.