2.3. The Critical Issue of Safety

Beyond the issue of efficacy, however, the safety profile of the vaccines being mandated by the state governments of Edo and Ondo is even more frightening!  With no publicly accessible database on adverse effects associated with the vaccine in Nigeria, it is very easy for government officials to continue mouthing their mantra of a “safe” vaccine. It is on record, shamefully, that at a time when the administration of Astra Zeneca jabs, for example, was being paused in many nations over safety concerns, officials here in Nigeria had insisted  (and still insist) that there is nothing to worry about with the product.  Indeed, there are indications (despite official secrecy on the matter) that the one million doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine rejected by South Africa were transferred mainly to Nigeria!

It is simply bewildering to note that up till the present time, no independent testing of safety has been conducted by the Nigerian authority on these vaccines that governments in Nigeria are insisting must be taken by everybody as a condition to be allowed to gather and worship the Almighty God and live normal lives in their own communities.  The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)  freely admits that all it did was adopt a new protocol developed with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (a key advocate and promoter of the vaccines!)   Termed “Reliance”, the new ad hoc protocol excuses the NAFDAC from carrying out any independent tests on the vaccines, and encourages her to rather make pronouncements on safety, simply based on tests and pronouncements made by more “matured [sic] regulatory authorities” elsewhere!  This, of course, is in contravention of the laws establishing the NAFDAC, yet nobody has challenged the situation, and officials continue to give clean safety bills to products they have not tested!

Meanwhile, records of adverse reactions to the vaccines are kept in other climes.  And the official figures are truly frightening.  In the US, records from the publicly-accessible Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) show that between December 14, 2020, and August 27 2021, there have been 13,911 deaths, and over half a million serious injuries and other adverse events associated with the use of COVID vaccines in the United States.  A whistleblower at the CDC further averred under oath that the System is under-reporting deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination by a factor of at least 5! Similar frightening reports are available from the UK, Israel, Canada, Europe, etc. However, in Nigeria, the Med Safety App available for reportage of adverse effects associated with vaccination only compiles Adverse Drug Reaction data submitted to the WHO’s Uppsala Monitoring Centre and lumps up data for 15 countries. As for adverse reactions occurring specifically in Nigeria, government officials continue to insist that, essentially, there are none!

It should be noted that the discussion so far has been limited only to acute effects.  No one knows for sure at this early stage what the mid-and long-term effects will look like!

2.4. The biggest issue of all: What is all this really about?

This brings us to the real bewildering question in this utterly bizarre matter: Given that all the above facts are incontrovertible and well-known even to the proponents of the “vaccine”; why are they nevertheless pushing it so hard and playing blind?

It is at this juncture that the Church in particular (and all liberty-loving Nigerians in general) must discern the apocalyptic dimension of the issue at hand.  In our Memorandum to the House of Representatives last year, we showed with full references cited from publicly available scientific materials, how emerging nanotechnology could provide unrestricted access to the minds, emotions, and physiological processes of recipients of products such as have been packaged into these entirely novel “vaccines”.  We also observed in that memorandum that a “spirit… of mandatory vaccination” permeated the entire Bill under consideration. Even though many felt that the suggestion was far-fetched at that time, current developments have proved us right.

Fellow Nigerians, we might indeed be at the brink of a neo-enslavement of such intricacy and dimension hitherto inconceivable and for which, if carelessly allowed, posterity and our future generations will never forgive us!  We would like all Nigerians to realize that there is a HUGE GAP between mandating external measures (such as donning of masks and social distancing) and an internal one mandating the irreversible injection of a medical product still undergoing trials, into people’s bodies, en masse.


3.0. Conclusions

COVID-19 is real and it can be fatal.  However, compared to the myriads of several other health challenges confronting us in Nigeria (with many of them peculiar to us), the current response to COVID is absolutely