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Open Letter to African Leaders

It is with utmost sense of deep responsibility to our race and people, that we urge you at this critical juncture of human history, to reject being stampeded into accepting the experimental vaccines for COVID-19 currently hurtling toward our beloved continent at “warp-speed”.

It is very evident that the vaccine (in any of its currently available forms) has not gone through necessary long-term safety studies in animals; and accordingly, has NOT been approved for human use by any scientific/health authority.  The current Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) granted the various forms of the vaccine clearly indicates they are experimental/investigational medical products. Apparently, the manufacturers are intent on using humans as the guinea pigs for those required studies. 

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The license to administer the vaccine to humans under Emergency Use Authorization is predicated on the premise that COVID-19 is an extraordinary medical emergency in the affected countries.  While this notion is not corroborated by the official data available even from those countries (for instance in America, 99.5% of people under the age of 70 are expected to survive COVID-19 infection without much hassles), attempting to uncritically translate the same notion and associated prescriptions to Africa is totally unjustifiable and must be flatly rejected.

For a start, the relative size of our populations in the high-risk group of 70 years and above, is far less than those in western nations with their largely aged populations.  Also well-established is the fact that the natural environment in our continent, notably the ready availability of Vitamin D-producing sunlight, is very protective against COVID-19 and other diseases in its family.  And then, we have on the other hand, our own peculiar health challenges which no western nation is going to help us confront: cancers, malaria, sickle cell anaemia among several others.  These could be significantly mitigated, if we were to commit to them, even just a fraction of the resources and efforts we are currently being required to expend on COVID-19 vaccines.

Further, there are now proven therapeutic interventions that can effectively take care of COVID-19.  This is amply demonstrated by the near 100% success rate being recorded at various Isolation Centres in treating and discharging COVID-positive subjects enrolled with them.  Recently, a high-profile medical team under the patronage of the Nigerian government documented the very encouraging effectiveness of the drug Ivermectin in clinical trials carried out in the country.  The drug is cheap, easily available, and has been used safely all over the world for decades.

On the other hand, not only have the experimental vaccines being promoted NOT been taken through any clinical trials on the continent, we have no effective systems in place to monitor and respond to adverse effects that might arise with their mass administration.  In the western nations where they are currently being deployed, it is plainly stipulated that the vaccines should be administered only at Centres with “facilities for management of anaphylaxis”  and other medical emergencies including full resuscitation.  We should ask ourselves how many of such facilities are really available and functioning in our local communities here?

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In the United States, long-term adverse effects resulting from administered vaccines are monitored via the Vaccine Adverse Effects Response System (VAERS).  It has been shown that the VAERS captures only about 1% of adverse effects related to vaccine use in that country.  Yet the system has been receiving unusual heavy traffic, with several adverse reports streaming in, just few weeks after mass administration of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines began in that country.  As a matter of fact, on one occasion recently, the overwhelmed website went down for a couple of days!

The adverse effects associated with COVID-19 experimental vaccines are beyond mere conjectures.  They are well established, well-known, and well-documented.  They are precisely why despite over 2 decades of efforts at developing vaccines for coronavirus, none has been approved till date!

Based on well-known effects, including Pathogenic Priming, and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, it is well-established that a surge of autoimmune problems should be expected on the continent, should the vaccine find a foothold here. The high chances of lifelong infertility in women is another major concern.

Without any existing system to track adverse health effects, and the well-known technical challenges involved with diagnosing autoimmune problems (which symptoms may be erroneously attributed to several non-vaccine-related causes); it is clear no one would be able to hold the vaccine producers and marketers liable for the looming catastrophe in our public health situation.

In any case, it has been strenuously established that neither the vaccine manufacturers nor the abetting globalist sponsors can be held liable for any adverse health effects that may arise in the course of using an experimental vaccine.  And for all these established adverse health risks, and the little-mentioned heavy financial burden associated with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, they are now known to neither prevent the recipient from being infected, nor infecting others with COVID-19.  No wonder, their continued label as “vaccines” is now being seriously challenged!

In conclusion, we strongly urge our leaders at various levels of authority on the continent to by all means necessary, avoid blind endorsement of an experimental medical product for which we obviously have little need; but rather face the very many urgent medical issues confronting our people. We could borrow one or two leaves from Tanzania which has deployed a home-grown risk management response to COVID-19 and is clearly not the worse for it in any way.  At the very least, as required by our laws, these experimental vaccines should first be subjected to local clinical trials to determine vulnerable groups and conditions to be excluded from its administration.

As has been derisively put by our detractors, the best way to hide information from Africans is to publish it in a book!  May we prove these bigots wrong as we respond positively to the tons of factual information presented on this website.

God bless Africa!


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