2.1. Ethics of Mandating a No-liability Experimental Medical Product

The vaccines which are being mandated for all by Edo and Ondo State governments (Moderna, Astra Zeneca, and Janssen) are, up to the present moment, all known to be experimental in nature, having been authorized only for Emergency or Experimental use. Also, well known is the fact that virtually every party involved in administering the shots (from the manufacturers to the donors and the medics, including State and Federal governments in Nigeria) are all indemnified from all liabilities in case of any adverse effects from the vaccine. It is therefore not only unconscionable to make the jab mandatory for free citizens, but it is also particularly obnoxious and vexatious to link it with their fundamental right to assemble and worship in the presence of the Almighty God.

2.2.  Issue of Effectiveness and Duration of Efficacy

Contrary to the oft-parroted phrase that the “vaccines are safe and effective”, publicly available records clearly indicate otherwise.  For instance, it is no secret that Gibraltar, with literally 100% vaccination status, has become the world’s COVID-19 capital and is rated at the highest Level 4.  A recent advisory from the US CDC warns US citizens to stay off Gibraltar, adding that “Because of the current situation in Gibraltar, even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.”  The same situation of extremely high infection rates in highly vaccinated societies and communities is infamously repeated in Seychelles and Israel. In theory, these territories should have hit herd immunity with their impressive high vaccination statuses.  Even amidst a tough political climate that compels him to extol the virtues of vaccines, Israeli’s PM, Naftali Bennett, still had to concede that:  “We don’t know exactly to what extent the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less….. We all hope to see a slowdown, but the facts at the moment are that there isn’t a slowdown — not here and not around the world.”

Results from actual scientific studies have however been less equivocal than the words of a politician.  A new CDC study shows very clearly that 74% of people infected with COVID, and 80% of those hospitalized in Massachusetts, in the United States were fully vaccinated.  A similar report from Israel showed that 60% of hospitalized patients were fully vaccinated.  However, an enraged Medical Director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem insisted that the recent figures were even much worse.  According to Dr Kobi Haviv, “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated” and “85 - 90% of the hospitalizations are in fully vaccinated people”. While all these depressing figures convincingly corroborate predictions made by several experts on the possibility of the vaccine making vaccinated people more vulnerable to the disease (via mechanisms such as Pathogenic Priming and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement), vaccine proponents have kept dreaming up new and frequently contradictory theories to explain the embarrassing situation.

In a similar vein, several well-respected experts, including Robert Malone (acclaimed inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology), Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner for Medicine), and Geert V. Bossche (top executive in the vaccine industry) have passionately warned of the possibility of the virus progressively mutating to more deadly variants under “selection pressure” of mass vaccination in what is known as “immune escape.”  Even though this prediction is now plainly playing out before us with the emergence of new virus “variants of concern”, vaccine pushers have continued to operate in denial, desperately concocting some exotic alternative narratives to obfuscate the data! 

In any case, such incontrovertible data, of the vaccines not having any discernible benefit to either individuals or the general public, have formed the basis for emerging exasperating guidelines requiring fully vaccinated people and communities to continue a religious observation of COVID protocols such as masking and social distancing.

Based on this very apparent lack of (sustained) effectiveness of the vaccines, several first-world nations are already talking of “booster” third and even fourth doses.  The government of the United Kingdom however has admitted that there might be no end to the number of “booster” doses that will be required.  That government has consequently announced a new policy requiring the country to “move away from legal restrictions and allow people to make their own informed decisions about how to manage the virus”. Still in that country, the Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group frankly warned, at a Parliamentary Panel on August 10, that  “herd immunity”  for COVID-19 is a mirage that can never be attained!

With all these publicly available uncontroverted data, it is a big wonder that Governors Obaseki and Akeredolu would think that it is this same clearly unprofitable path that their people must thread.  Moreso, when it is well-acknowledged, (and officially backed up by statistics from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control) that the COVID-19 threat is by far benign in Nigeria, relative to the above-cited countries. That minimal threat is even further considerably downgraded by the finding by an eminent team of Nigerian scientists, of the effectiveness of the cheaply available and extremely safe drug, Ivermectin, especially when administered early.