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UK Medical Freedom Alliance Open Letter to MHRA and JCVI

We are an alliance of medical practitioners, scientists, academics and lawyers who are concerned about the current climate surrounding the impending use of a possible vaccine (“a Covid Vaccine”) that may be advertised, offered and administered among the general public in response to the recent pandemic that has been attributed to a virus called SARSCoV-2, which we are told causes the symptoms of a disease called COVID-19.

 Global Governance Rides in on Coronavirus Back

ID2020 Quantum dot-based Mark which will both deliver mandatory vaccines to people as well as provide confirmatory digital certificates. 5G-driven digital certificate will be needed to access social, financial, and commercial services as well as physical facilities; and those without it will automatically be subjected to “electronic lockdowns” equivalent to the prophecy in Rev 13:16-17.  Photo credit

Hundreds of children died in Philippines’ botched Vaccine launch

It is well-established but hardly mentioned to the general public, that people who receive ANY of the various vaccines being produced against the SARS COV-2 virus stand a definite risk of becoming much more susceptible not only to COVID-19 disease

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