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Issues of Concern: COVID-19 Vaccine in Nigeria

Issues of Concern: COVID-19 Vaccine in Nigeria

The Director General of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Thursday 24th December 2020 reportedly announced that over 100 million Nigerians are to be vaccinated for COVID-19 by the end of March 2021. 

According to the Honourable Minister for Health, the plan is to get up to 70% of Nigerians (some 150 million people) vaccinated by 2022 at a cost of N400 billion.  It is not yet known how long the administered vaccine would remain effective, which would determine the frequency of getting repeat jabs and the recurrence of this humongous budget item. 

Meanwhile, the Vaccine has not been trialed at all in Nigeria and it is doubtful if a sizable number of people of African origin were incorporated in those trials carried out elsewhere to address their peculiar genetic constitution.  This puts a big question mark on the critical issues of safety and efficacy in Nigerian subjects. The Nigeria Medical Association has specifically called for local evaluation of  the vaccines before being administered to Nigerians. All this notwithstanding, the regulatory body responsible for authorizing its use in Nigeria, the NAFDAC has assured, through her Director General, that it would not need more than 15 days to complete the process for granting an emergency approval for any of the top brands of vaccines!  This will be based on  new procedures formulated [via a strange mechanism termed “Reliance”] which now permit mere rubber-stamping of decisions taken by other regulatory Agencies in vaccine-producing countries, under the untenable assumption that conditions over there would be applicable also in Nigeria. Presumably, such patently unreasonable action which rubbishes the Act of parliament establishing the NAFDAC,  is being foisted on that organization by the World Health Organization, who was pointed out in the new Guideline document as the inspiration behind the new procedures.

There are no indications either that the requirements for informed consent would be respected before all this proposed massive deployment of experimental vaccines would commence,  presumably in rural communities.  Even if consents are obtained on paper, it is doubtful how “informed” they would be, considering the considerable intricate and novel technical issues associated with the vaccine.  It is instructive to note that no approval has ever been given for the development of any vaccine for coronavirus, and even the current products being marketed have not been approved.  They are only given “emergency use authorization” based on the quite unfounded premise that without them, humanity is doomed and “human corpses would litter the streets” as fowls.  A recently published peer-reviewed article specifically laments that, even in the western countries, the informed consent process falls far short of the standards prescribed by medical ethics. Specifically, the article holds that the “non-theoretical and compelling risk for COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease in vaccinated people” should require “a specific, separate, informed consent form and demonstration of patient comprehension” before Consent could be presumed to be “informed.”  It is our desire with on this Site therefore, to provide accurate relevant information that would enable Nigerians sift through the massive barrage of propaganda currently surrounding the experimental vaccines; and to take truly informed decisions based on sound personal health risk assessment.

In France, six out of every ten people have indicated they would not be taking a COVID vaccine anytime soon. The same situation is reported in other western nations, even among health professionals.  For instance, over 60 % of nursing home staff in Ohio, USA, bluntly declined the offer to receive the experimental vaccine.  Yet, vaccine producers continue with their frenetic production of billions of vaccine doses at “warp speed”.  As we suggested way back in April 2020, (even before vaccines development had formally commenced), massive amounts of vaccines would be produced, directed at the huge and unprotected African market.  As we indicated at that time, Nigeria would be the natural Launchpad for such a venture in Africa, and we can be sure the globalists would spare no efforts to ensure it flies here.  It is in that light that we view with considerable skepticism and concern, an official survey recently released, purportedly finding that unlike the folks in the western nations, 80% of Africans have indicated they can hardly wait to receive their jab!

The pushers of the vaccines have not hidden their position that the vaccine must be made mandatory for every inhabitant of the planet.  They claim (ref**) this is necessary, if the vaccine were to be effective in curbing the pandemic.  We show here that there could be no valid scientific premise, nor national benefits to be derived by making the vaccine mandatory in Nigeria – under whatever guise. Moreover since current “approvals” are indeed being given only for “emergency” use, even in those countries where they have been clinically trialed, mandating these totally experimental vaccines here would not only be unconscionable, it would be illegal and downright criminal!

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